Neena Gupta’s Recent Kitchen Diaries Is Getting Us Nostalgic For Diwali Snacks


Are you craving a snack but want it to be simple and fun? Well, don’t call your local pizza takeaway yet. Instead, try some homemade Indian snacks that are healthier and bring a fresh punch of flavours with them. Veteran actress Neena Gupta is showing us the way. She has prepared a dish of chivda in her kitchen. This snack is made of cereals, sev, herbs, spices and nuts according to individual preference. Neena Gupta showed us the ingredients that she used for her recipe. In a video that she posted on Instagram, we see her using flattened rice or wheat flakes, sev and kurmura for the recipe.

She also shows us trays of cashews, peanuts, raisins, herbs, green chillies and chutney or pickle. Soon, we see her mixing all the ingredients in a tray with her own hands. Then she says that the chivda is ready to be consumed.

She wrote in the caption, “Mann tha udas toh kiya kuch prayas banaya chivda (Was feeling sad. So, tried my hands at making chivda).”

If you want to try and make some chivda mix at home, click here for the recipe. You can use wheat flakes, unsweetened cornflakes, dried figs and apricots, kurmura, sev and potato chips for the base. Give a tadka with mustard seeds and curry leaves and spice it up with turmeric, chilli powder and pepper.

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Neena Gupta is actively sharing her kitchen diaries with her fans these days. She shared a photo from her kitchen when she was cooking some atta chila. Chila, also known as cheela, is an easy Indian pancake recipe that can be made with chickpea flour, whole wheat flour or even from ground grains. Neena Gupta gave it a healthy twist by making it with atta. Read more about it here.

She also tried cooking some South Indian appe earlier this year. Appe is usually made with the leftover batter of idli or dosa. However, Neena loves to cook her food with her own unique style. Here again, she added a healthy twist. She made the dish with moong dal. This ingredient made the dish rich in protein, fibre and vitamins. Find out more about Neena Gupta’s appe here.

Appe can be eaten for breakfast or as an evening snack. If the dish is making you drool, check out this recipe of moong dal appe.

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