Neha Dhupia’s Daughter Is Setting The Mood For Winter With This Dish


Winter treats should be something special, don’t you think? With temperatures dropping every single day and Christmas just around the corner, our kitchens are warming up with good food every day. And Bollywood celebrities too, aren’t able to hold back their foodie streaks this season. Neha Dhupia seems to love the festive spirit, but this time, she is behind the camera while doing so. Instead, the one who is stealing the show and leaving us with hunger pangs is Mehr, Neha’s daughter. The toddler is setting the mood for Christmas with a plate of gingerbread cookies. In the video that the actress shared on Instagram, we can see tiny Mehr is busy decorating the gingerbread man with red cream. Take a look at it:


Neha Dhupia’s daughter is busy decorating her winter treats

This isn’t the first time when Neha Dhupia is sharing glimpses of Mehr with a dish. The actress had earlier revealed to us the growing foodie side of her daughter. Mehr is currently learning to eat noodles with chopsticks. And, Neha can’t sit quietly without gushing about her daughter’s efforts. The caption read, “Learning early,” suggesting that Mehr is only starting out with chopsticks. Click here to find out more about it.


Neha Dhupia’s daughter is indulging in many winter cookies

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Neha Dhupia is an unabashed foodie. Her regular food-related social media updates are proof. When in Chandigarh, the actress splurged on kulcha and chole. A photo of the clip-smacking platter made it to Instagram Stories. Neha enjoyed the meal with tamarind and onion chutney. Does that make you drool? Read more about Neha’s Punjab food diaries here.

Often, food adds fun to Neha Dhupia’s days with her husband, Angad Bedi. The two of them recently shared a banter over an irresistible fruit bowl. Angad Bedi showed off the bowl, which contained strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, and a delicious yogurt base. The bowl looked too good to let go. And Angad Bedi surely agrees with us on that. The actor teased Neha by saying that he won’t share the bowl with her. Neha, who was out of town, could only respond in a light-hearted way. Read about their banter over this fruit bowl here.

Food plays a major role in Neha Dhupia’s life. Don’t you think so?