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“No Shame In Crying,” Says Ileana D’Cruz After She “Sliced” Her Fingers And Cried ‘Like A Child”


'No Shame In Crying,' Says Ileana D'Cruz After She 'Sliced' Her Fingers And Cried 'Like A Child'

Ileana D’Cruz shared this photo. (Image courtesy: ileana_official)


  • Ileana shared pics of her “sliced” fingers
  • She wrote about the “not-so-easy task of putting bandaids on”
  • “I have sliced my fingers so many times,” she wrote

New Delhi:

The weekend did not start on a very good note for Ileana D’Cruz. Ask us why? The actress went through a kitchen mishap on Friday. According to her social media updates, she accidentally cut two of her fingers while cooking. Ouch, we feel the hurt. The accident made Ileana burst into tears “like a child,” as she wrote. The selfie, she has posted on Instagram Stories, shows a teary-eyed, red-faced Ileana. We can see the bandaids wrapped around Ileana’s forefinger and thumb. She wrote, “Sliced two of my fingers bad while cooking and then proceeded to cry like a child while trying to manoeuvre the not-so-easy task of putting bandaids on.” She added, “I’m okay though” with a teary-eyed emoji.


Ileana D’Cruz has shared another video on Instagram Stories. Here again, she shows us her cut fingers but this time the actress is smiling. We notice that her mood has lightened up and her words are proof. She wrote with humour, “Also, I have sliced my fingers so many times it’s a wonder I still have fingers.” This time, she added a laughing emoji too. But here’s some more information. It read, “However, on another note, there’s absolutely no shame in crying.”


Now, look at this post where Ileana D’Cruz is seen bathing herself in sunshine and breeze. The photo is enough to make us crave a holiday. But it’s Ileana’s caption that conveys her message starkly. She wrote, “Woke up feeling like it’s the weekend – sticking to that mood.”

Ileana D’Cruz’s Instagram timeline often has bits of motivation for her fans. Once she posted a selfie and preached about self-love. She wrote, “Self-love kinda day. Reminder to be kind to yourself…Also, give yourself a hug and thank your body for being a haven and for holding you up through rough times and stressful times. You’re a mean fighting machine and today just sit back and enjoy the wonderful things you and your body can accomplish.”

Ileana D’Cruz made her Bollywood debut with Anurag Basu’s Barfi, which also featured Ranbir Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra.