Oats Cutlet: Kick Start Your Day With This Healthy And Delicious Cutlet Recipe


We all know how important it is to kick-start our mornings with a healthy breakfast. It can keep our energy as well as concentration levels up throughout the day. There are so many ingredients available in the list to whip up a healthy breakfast in a jiffy; for instance, eggs, cheela, poha and more, options are many (literally many) leaving us spoilt for choices. However, if there’s one ingredient which is touted for offering an array of health and nutritional benefits then it has to be oats. According to many health experts and nutritionists, consuming oats especially in the morning helps in promoting weight loss and reduces the risk of heart diseases as they are high in fibre and protein that keeps us full for a longer period of time. Besides, this magical ingredient is also completely gluten free and laden with a good dose of important vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

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There are many amazing recipes that can be prepared by using oats such as oats cheela, oats dosa, oats idli, pancakes et al. Here we bring you one such recipe known as oats cutlet. For the unversed, oats cutlet is a healthy recipe made with roasted oats, cottage cheese, veggies followed by some tangy spices. This snack is a perfect combination of both health and taste. If you are wondering how to make it, read below to know about the ingredients and method for preparing this snack.


Here’s How You Can Make Oats Cutlet | Oats Cutlet Recipe:

To prepare this recipe, Mash potatoes and grated carrots together properly. Then take a large bowl and add roasted oats, mashed potatoes, ginger garlic paste, green chilli paste, grated carrot, salt, chilli powder and garam masala powder to it. Later add crumbled paneer to thicken consistency.

Pull out a small portion from the mixture and shape it in a circular shape then flatten them with your hands to form cutlets. Preheat the oven at 200 degrees C. Then, grease a baking tray with 1 tsp of oil. Arrange cutlets carefully and wait for 20 minutes. There you get your healthy, filling and delicious breakfast ready.

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Try it out at home and let us know how it turned out in the comment section below.