On Camera, Truck Rams Wedding Group On Odisha Highway, 3 Dead


Odisha: The wedding procession was on a highway when the accident happened

New Delhi:

A group of people are seen dancing on the side of a highway as they escorted a groom at his wedding procession. It’s dark and the group is lit only with the headlights of passing vehicles.

But the throw of a certain headlight becomes bigger and bigger until, suddenly, the vehicle – a large truck – came barrelling down and crushed some of the wedding guests under its wheels.

The force of the impact is such that sparks fly from under the truck’s chassis.

The horrific accident that was caught on camera happened in Odisha’s Malkangiri district on Wednesday, news agency PTI reported quoting the police.

Three people including the father of the groom were killed. Four others were injured and their condition is said to be critical.

The wedding procession was on a stretch of National Highway 226 when the accident happened.

The truck driver was alleged drunk, according to reports. He was beaten up by locals before he was handed over to the police.