Pegasus Snooping Row: Supreme Court’s Top Quotes As It Delivered Verdict


Pegasus Snooping Row: Supreme Court's Top Quotes As It Delivered Verdict

The Pegasus Snooping Row triggered huge political storm.

New Delhi:
In Pegasus snooping row, which triggered a major political storm earlier this year, the Supreme Court today said it’s forming a three-member probe panel and the next hearing will be held after two months.

Here are Supreme Court’s top quotes on the Pegasus Row:

  1. “We gave ample opportunity to the government to give details of all action taken by it. But despite repeated chances they gave an affidavit that does not give clarity. If they had clarified they would have reduced the burden on us.”

  2. “But that does not mean the state gets a free pass every time (an issue of) national security is raised. The will not encroach upon national security but that does not make the court a mute spectator.”

  3. “Vague denial from government is not sufficient. Hence allegations need to be probed. We are appointing an expert committee to be supervised by retired judge of Supreme Court.”

  4. “It was an uphill task to form the committee. We have left it upon the discretion of the retired judge to take help of the experts- who specialise in cyber privacy.”

  5. “The nature of allegations is about fundamental rights being violated. This could have (a) chilling effect. There are allegations of foreign agencies being involved.” 

  6. “We have never refrained from protecting people from their fundamental rights being abused. Right to privacy need to be discussed.”

  7. “Privacy is not just for journalists and politicians but also about rights of individuals. All decisions should be under Constitutional process.”

  8. “Agencies use surveillance to fight terror. A need may arise to intrude privacy.” 

  9. “The consideration for use of technology must follow Constitutional Process.”

  10. “The petitions (in Pegasus row) were based only on news reports and we usually dismiss such petitions but more arguments were brought forward from the petitioners.” 

Disclaimer: The NSO group, which owns Pegasus, admits this is spyware and is used to hack phones, but says it does business only with governments and government agencies. The Israeli company says it does not corroborate the list of potential targets reported by media companies around the world. The Indian government has said there is “no substance” to the reports of Pegasus being used by it against opposition leaders, journalists and others. NDTV cannot independently verify the authenticity of the list of those who were supposedly targeted.