Pisyu Loon Recipe: Chef Saransh Goila Tells How To Make Uttrakhand’s Green Garlic Salt


Spices hold prime importance if you talk about cooking food the Indian way. Sometimes, we use taste enhancers like chaat masala to add that extra zing to our regular mundane food. Many like to sprinkle taste building seasoning on fruits or simply on their favourite chaat. One interesting preparation is pisyu loon – a flavoured salt – from the state of Uttarakhand and other nearby regions. Chef Saransh Goila’s latest recipe is inspired by pisyu loon. And, he shared his version of ‘green garlic salt’ or hara namak, in his Instagram Reels.

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In a detailed caption, he stated, “Hara Namak or Green Garlic Salt is my current favourite to use on top of everything I eat from fruits to sabzi to chaats. Inspiration is Uttarakhand ki *Pisyu Loon*. They make colourful flavoured salts traditionally in Garhwal and surrounding regions in Uttarakhand.” He further said, “Favourite pahadi namak is hara namak which is made by combining rock salt and fresh herbs and spices on a sil-batta. It’s very easy to make and all you need to do is sun dry it or dry it in the oven at the lowest temperature for 30 minutes. Do not add any water while grinding. Very important.”


1) Green garlic – ½ cup

2) Coriander – 1/4th cup

3) Roasted jeera – 2 tablespoon

4) Ginger – 1 inch

5) Green chilis – 2

6) Salt – ½ cup

Procedure to make green garlic salt:

1) First, take all the ingredients including chopped green garlic, coriander, roasted jeera, ginger and green chilis and blend them all together to a coarse paste.

2) Now, you can add the salt into the paste

3) Bake the preparation at the 80-100c lowest temperature in your oven for 30 minutes until dry or simply sun dry it for 4 hours.

4) Green garlic salt is ready. You can grind or pound it to make finer

Saransh stated that you can sprinkle it over fruits or on your favourite chaat or sabzi and relish it if you want.  

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When Saransh Goila shares recipes, the best part about them is that they are easy to make and cater to many peoples’ interests. A while back, the chef shared his version of the Chicken Khurana recipe. And, it looked li-smacking. 

Do try out Saransh Goila’s version of “green garlic salt” and share your experience with us.