Planning to Buy A Refrigerator? Haier’s New Range Will Suit All Your Needs


There are a few kitchen appliances that are essential to every modern kitchen. Be it a grill toaster, a microwave oven, or a refrigerator – these are gadgets that the kitchen is incomplete without. Refrigerators are the need of the hour, especially in the hot summer months. Whether we need some ice cubes for a chilled drink, or simply to keep fruits and vegetables fresh and new – a refrigerator does all this and more. Gone are the days when a refrigerator was simply used for storing leftovers. The latest range of fridges in the market can perform the traditional functions with plenty more to offer. If you’re looking to upgrade your refrigerator or simply invest in a new one, Haier’s new range of Convertible Side By Side (SBS) refrigerators will suit all your needs.

Established in 1984, Haier is a brand synonymous with world-class products to suit modern needs. The brand has launched India’s first range of two and three-door Convertible SBS refrigerators in the 682 and 683 series. These refrigerators are proudly made in India and made for India, that is, keeping in mind the needs of the Indian consumer. After conducting consumer research, Haier found that Indian consumers want refrigerators that have a smaller freezer section and a larger section for the fridge. They also realized that customers want to customize their refrigerators according to their needs – a demand that Haier seeks to meet with their new refrigerator range.

The all-new 683 series three-door convertible SBS refrigerator has a 62% dedicated refrigerator space, which can be increased up to 83% thanks to the convertible section on the top left. Similarly, in the 682 series two-door refrigerators, you can convert the refrigerator section to cover the entire 100% of the space as a fridge. This is especially useful for homes where there is more requirement for fridge section whereas, the freezer section remains largely underutilized.


Apart from the huge refrigeration space, several attractive features make the new Haier refrigerators a great investment. There is a jumbo ice maker, a fresh box for fruits and vegetables as well as additional pockets on the side to store small items and keep them fresh for longer. Sometimes, we also need to store cosmetics and other utility items in our refrigerators – which is where the Hanging Flexi box in the 683 series range comes in handy.

There is a range of aesthetic options to choose from in Haier’s convertible SBS series. You can choose from options such as Mirror Glass, Black Glass, and Inox Steel to name a few. The finishing and appeal of these fridges make them the ideal addition to your contemporary kitchen space. The refrigerators also come with WiFi connectivity* and better control in certain models, which makes them hassle-free and easy to use for the modern Indian household.

The Haier convertible SBS refrigerators are a good investment for the environmentally conscious. An environment-friendly refrigerant gas has been incorporated into both, the 682 and 683 series. As for energy consumption, Haier’s expert Inverter Technology allows energy savings & reduces noise like never before. The new refrigerators also feature Deo Fresh Technology which helps in keeping the food items fresh for up to 21 days**.

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* – in selected models only

**-As per Haier Internal tests