Preity Zinta Gushes Over Fresh Bananas From Her Farm; (Video Inside)


Ever had a chance to relish fruits or vegetables directly from the farm? Well, the joy of having freshly produced fruits from your own farm is different altogether. The process of sowing seeds and eventually watching them grow into a tree and bearing fruits is happiness-inducing. And actress Preity Zinta is revelling in this joy. The actress recently posted a video on Instagram and gave us a glimpse of fresh bananas directly from her home garden. The actress looked really happy to see a bunch of organic bananas from the plant she nurtured during the outbreak of coronavirus. 

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In the video, we can hear her saying, “Welcome to another edition of my ghar ki kheti. Look at this, 3 years ago during quarantine, when covid started, I planted this banana tree and look at it. Finally, I have so many healthy, organic bananas after three years. I am so so so proud of the banana tree.”

She further informed viewers that once the fruits from a banana plant have been harvested, it is cut down to the ground to make space for new shoots to grow. She said, “Here’s to healthy organic living, here’s to the banana milkshake, here’s to my ghar ki kheti.”

In a detailed caption, she mentioned, “Last couple of months we have stayed home with the babies and cancelled all plans, all trips and all events. It’s been tough to stay in most of this year (IPL bio bubble – travel quarantines, etc) but nothing has given me more pleasure than to see my wonderful plants and trees grow and flourish since we planted them in 2019.” She also encouraged viewers to plant more trees. 

Take a look:

Before this, Preity Zinta had also posted a picture of herself with apples that were freshly produced on her farm, back in September. She is a fruit lover and the joy seems to double for her whenever she gets to relish them from her farm. In the picture, we could see the actress posing holding an apple covered in morning dew. For this post from Shimla, she simply stated, “An appy life” and added an apple emoticon alongside.  

Some time ago, Preity Zinta shared an adorable video of herself picking small juicy strawberries from her garden. She captioned the post saying, “Now, I have strawberries, oranges, peaches, guavas, tomatoes, green and red peppers, green and red chillies, eggplant, mint, basil and lemon growing around the house. I am so proud of our little organic home garden.”

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