Priyanka Chopra Relishes This Desi Dish At Her Restaurant In New York


This year was quite exciting for actress Priyanka Chopra. From new projects to the opening of her Indian restaurant SONA in New York, the actress is moving from one win to another. The diva often likes to share glimpses from her new ventures and this includes her restaurant. Recently, Priyanka enjoyed a South-Indian delicacy most of us love to devour. Can you guess what it was? The delicious dosa! Yes, Priyanka shared Instagram Stories dedicated to her meal at SONA, and one of the drool-worthy items to catch our attention was a dosa served in the shape of a cone. It was paired with sambar and a rich, smooth chutney. 

The dosa looked tasty and every bit crispy as it held its shape. On the table, we could see other food items including delectable curries and some spicy rice preparation too. We also spot an assortment of vegetables on the side. Priyanka tagged ‘SONA’ as the location on Stories.        

Take a look:


Priyanka Chopra enjoyed a scrumtious feast in her restaurant SONA

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Looking at the delicious dosa that Priyanka Chopra ate, we bet you can hear your stomach rumbling. If that’s the case, we have some interesting dosa recipes for you. You can quickly make a variety of dosas at home with this list.

Here are the 5 dosa recipes:

1) Karam Dosa

This is one famous dosa recipe from Andhra Pradesh. The speciality of karam dosa is the red chilli chutney and garlic flavoured gram flour used while serving it. It tastes heavenly and you must definitely give it a try.  

2) Chilli Cheese Dosa

It’s not necessary that you must have the South-Indian delicacy the traditional way only. Of course, you can experiment. If you are a fan of cheese, this recipe gives you a chance to put cheese on your dosa with some chili flakes and enjoy.


Dosa is the most beloved south Indian food item

3) Thalippu Dosa

This wholesome dosa recipe is something you must try at home today itself. All you need to do is add a fiery tadka to your dosa batter for this one. Have it hot with sambhar and coconut chutney and you’ll love it.

4) Paneer Dosa

If you are bored with regular dosa, it’s time to add a delectable spin to it. Next time you make dosa at home, add some appetising paneer bhurji as filling and it will take your tastebuds on a ride.    


Paneer Dosa is a protein-rich dosa dish 

5) Sprouts Dosa

Well, this dosa recipe will definitely appeal to health-conscious foodies. Sprouts dosa is all things healthy and nutritious. Make it with mixed sprouts batter whenever you want to indulge in a tempting South-Indian spread.

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Try out these interesting dosa recipes this week and treat yourself.