Sakshi Singh Dhoni’s Birthday Is A Delicious Fare With Two Cakes


Sakshi Singh Dhoni had a blast before diving into the weekend. Are you wondering what made her weekdays extra special? Her Birthday! Indian cricketer MS Dhoni’s wife celebrated her birthday with a bash and there was a lot of good food to drool at. We took a look at her birthday celebrations and our eyes got hooked on two delicious-looking birthday cakes. She is seen leaning over the table and blowing out the candles before cutting into the cakes. One is a yellow fruity-looking cake with a lot of cream on it. The other is a white-glazed cake with chocolate embellishments on the sides and on top. Take a look:


Sakshi Singh Dhoni celebrating her birthday


MS Dhoni tasting the cake

Sakshi Singh Dhoni often updates her fans about her food adventures. This Navratri, she left no stone unturned to make it a food fest. She dropped a photo of Ashtami bhog on Instagram Stories and left us craving for festive treats. The photo showed not one but several plates of the bhog. We could see trays of sizzling khichdi, curries and chutney lined up on a table. She wrote, “Ashtami bhog ready.”

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Sakshi Singh Dhoni also gave us a glimpse of her Sadhya platter during Onam, this year. The photo showed 22 Malabar food items spread out on a plantain leaf. We noticed Chor (rice), Avial (mixed vegetable), Parippu (yellow dal), Sambar, Pappadam (crackers), Olan (pumpkin curry), Uepperi (banana chips) among other dishes. She wasn’t alone when relishing this platter. Her daughter Ziva was also seen indulging in the South Indian platter. She was seen eating off a similar thali.

When her sweet tooth tickles, Sakshi Singh Dhoni indulges in her favourite sweets. But what sweet does she love to indulge in the most? Once, she posted a photo of Bal Mithai. In the caption, she wrote, “Favourite mithai.” The khoya and sugar-coated poppy seeds of this Indian sweet will melt any foodie’s heart.

Sakshi Singh Dhoni missed having sourdough bread when her mom made it at home in Kolkata. The foodie could only post the photos of the delectable sourdough on Instagram. She wrote, “How I wish I could come to Kolkata and meet you guys, Mumma. It’s been 6 months and every other day you tease me with a picture of sourdough you baked! When will I get a bite of this? When will we meet?”

Sakshi Singh Dhoni’s foodie vibes have left us craving too, isn’t it?