Sara Ali Khan And Janhvi Kapoor Had This Street Item During Their Kedarnath Trip


Actresses Sara Ali Khan and Janhavi Kapoor share a lot in common. When we say that, we don’t just mean their star-kid status and their passion for films and acting. The two are travel buddies and visited Kedarnath, recently. On top of that, they are food buddies too. During their Kedarnath trip, Sara and Janhavi indulged in some local food and chai. How do we know? Sara unfailingly posted some food photos on Instagram after returning from their trip last night. She made a collage of two pictures, the first one reads, ‘Chai’ while the other one says, ‘Bhojan’ meaning ‘food.’  

In the first snap, the two are posing with their cup of tea. They may be sitting at a tea shop as we can see a teapot and a strainer along with other utensils in the same frame. The two seem to be having a gala time amidst the mountains. Kedarnath is a cold mountainous region and tea works like magic at such high altitudes. Next, Sara and Janhvi have just finished a meal. The two must have enjoyed the food as there is little left on their plate.    

Take a look at Sara’s Instagram Stories:


Sara and Janhvi eating together.

Sara Ali Khan is a self-confessed foodie and believes in keeping her fans updated with her food journey. A great example could be her posts from her Maldives vacation. Sara was vacationing with her best friend when she shared a picture of fresh fruits. There were slices of watermelon, strawberries, papaya, raspberries, kiwi, dragonfruit, blueberries, litchi and pineapple. She captioned her Instagram Stories with the words, “Eat healthy, stay healthy.”  

Sara Ali Khan treated us to a picture of her scrumptious breakfast. Sara gorged on croissants, French toast and fresh juice along with her standard fruit platter. Apparently, the croissants were too good, and Sara had them even before clicking the picture. She stated, “The missing croissants are in my tummy, they were so yummy, I didn’t even share with mummy.”

On cheat days, Sara Ali Khan prefers to go for cheesy lasagne. The cheesy lasagne, with a lot of oregano drizzled on the top of it, looked amazing. Now, after the binge eating, Sara knew that she had to compensate. So, she balanced her meal with a healthy meal next. A bowl of salad loaded with zucchinis, asparagus, avocados, and cucumber among other things in the salad.   

Let’s hope that Sara Ali Khan continues to treat us to her gastronomic adventures.