Senior Bahujan Samaj Party Leader Quits As Party’s Legislative Leader, MLA


Senior Bahujan Samaj Party Leader Quits As Party's Legislative Leader, MLA

Shah Alam has resigned as MLA.


BSP Legislature Party leader in the Uttar Pradesh Assembly, Shah Alam, on Thursday resigned as an MLA and from his party, saying their chief Mayawati does not trust him.

Hours after he resigned, the Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) hit back, alleging that he was pressuring Mayawati to help him in a case filed against him by a woman.

Shah Alam, however, did not disclose the party he is intended to join.

“I am mentally disturbed and I have no intention of going to any party right now. I will rest for a few days,” he said.

“I have resigned from the BSP and the Assembly because there was lack of trust between our party leader Mayawati and me. When our leader does not have faith in us, then what will we do by staying in the party,” Shah Alam told PTI.

In a letter to the BSP supremo, the Mubarakpur MLA said, “You have given me ticket of MLA twice in 2012 and 2017 from Mubarakpur and I also won the elections. From 2012 till now, I have been a party loyalist and have fulfilled every responsibility given by you.”

“But after the meeting with you held on November 21, I realised that you are not satisfied with my work in spite of complete loyalty and sincerity,” he said.

In such a situation, Mr Alam said he is resigning as an MLA and the BSP Legislature Party leader. He urged Mayawati to accept his resignation.

After his resignation, the BSP in a statement said the party got information from the media about the resignation.

“Its reason is that a woman, who worked in his company, has made serious allegations regarding his character and has registered a police complaint,” it said.

“After this incident, he was pressuring me to ask the UP chief minister to hush up the case and had recently met me. I had asked him if he did not get justice in the probe, he should approach the court but instead of doing so, he was pressuring me to get the case closed,” the statement quoting Mayawati said.

The statement said the leader had threatened that he would resign if not helped by Mayawati.

“He has done all this due to this reason and nothing else,” the statement quoting Mayawati said.