Taapsee Pannu Advocates Menstrual Health: If Only Our Period Wasn

Taapsee Pannu Advocates Menstrual Health: If Only Our Period Wasn’t Taboo


Taapsee Pannu Advocates Menstrual Health: If Only Our Period Wasn't Taboo

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  • Taapsee Pannu’s video aims at destigmatizing periods
  • “If only getting period leave was normal,” said Taapsee
  • Taapsee was last seen in ‘Rashmi Rocket’

New Delhi:

Taapsee Pannu, an advocate of menstrual health and wellbeing, raises several ‘what ifs’ in a video on destigmatizing periods. In the clip, shared today, Taapsee makes the case for removing the perceived shame attached to being seen with a sanitary napkin, the taboo around the word ‘period’ and normalizing period leave. The 34-year-old actress is associated with a Mumbai-based NGO that works on educating underprivileged women about menstrual health and related issues. Taapsee has been vocal on the subject of being “period positive” in interviews as well as on social media – see for reference today’s post, which she captioned, “A fleeting thought, what if we cared menstrual wellbeing.”

In the clip, Taapsee Pannu envisions a different social construct: “If only stereotypes were taboo and our period wasn’t. If only rashes were more alarming and carrying pads openly wasn’t. If only getting period leave was normal and saying it’s just a matter of two days wasn’t. If only saying I am on my period was common and saying I am down or I am chumming wasn’t. If only stains were a sign of feminine power and shame wasn’t. I wonder how much better our period journey would have been if only we cared about our menstrual wellbeing.”

See Taapsee Pannu’s post here:

In March, Taapsee shared this post on menstruation. captioned “Let’s talk periods.” in which she addresses the “elephant in the room”:

Speaking to Mumbai Mirror earlier this year, Taapsee Pannu said, “Even in a regular middle-class household in Mumbai and Delhi, periods are discussed using furtive gestures and awkward eye contact.”

Last seen in the well-received Rashmi Rocket, Taapsee Pannu has a stacked lineup for next year including the films Looop Lapeta and Shabaash Mithu.