This Animal Theme Cake At Amrita Rao’s Son’s First Birthday Is Super Adorable


First birthdays are an uber special occasion and parents love to add a memorable charm to it. Actress Amrita Rao and her husband, RJ Anmol, found a perfect way to mark their son Veer’s first birthday. On the occasion, the doting parents got him one of the cutest animal-themed cakes. The adorable birthday cake was covered in blue fondant and decorated with a rainbow and edible buttons. On top of it, we saw an assortment of animal figures. Edible models of a lion, an elephant, a giraffe and a zebra sat on the cake. The cake showcased Veer’s name and also featured the digit “1” to signify the child’s first birthday.

From Amrita’s caption, we understand that the birthday party was animal-themed. The cake definitely fit the theme. Here’s what she wrote in the caption, “Veer had a small knit animal theme birthday… We couldn’t invite anyone but immediate family members .. because Veer’s Momi is not vaccinated as per our paediatrician’s guidelines! We seek your best blessings.”

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We are sure that Veer will grow up to love delicious foods and desserts. After all, Amrita is a foodie at heart. She often shares her food diaries with her Instafam. During Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations, she was seen smiling over a bowl of ukadiche modak. She wrote, “My Ukadeeche Modak moment with Ganapati Bappa.” She also posted a photo of the modaks and wrote, “How many of you have eaten Ukadeeche Modak?”

Amrita Rao couldn’t hold back her excitement when enjoying restaurant food after 19. months. The actress shared her “me time” moment with her fans on Instagram. The “hands-on mom”, as she called herself, was relishing some tandoori paneer tikkas with rice and sautéed vegetables. She also had some Italian food on the side. To add to her joy, she was also relishing one chocolate cake and chocolate-chip cookies. She wrote, “Some ‘Me’ time from mom’mee time! I ordered restaurant food after 19 months! Ordered home some Italian food from my favourite restaurant… It was cooked ‘healthy’ and made with all safety guidelines and dietary instructions in place for me! I believe I have earned myself this gorgeous meal after months of being a “hands-on mom.” No no, I ain’t complaining… guess that’s the best part about being momi. “

We wish to hear about more food adventures from Amrita Rao and her family.