This Corn Cheese Cocktail Samosa By Chef Saransh Goila Is Made Of Papad; Take A Look.


Have you ever taken two different delicious food items and combined them to make an even better dish? Well, if you haven’t, chef Saransh Goila shows you how to do it. Papad and samosas are two different items that you relish while having different meals. But Saransh Goila has turned papad into lip-smacking samosas! Difficult to imagine? He prepared corn cheese cocktail samosas using papad. He demonstrated the entire process in an Instagram video. In the caption, Saransh Goila wrote, “We tried a corn cheese cocktail samosa by using papad like a samosa patti.”

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He added, “A very important step is to dork the papad with a knife or a fork, else it’ll be soft and soggy because of the steam created while frying!”

Here’s what Saransh Goila used for his papad cocktail samosa:

1) Six papad

For the filling:

1) Paneer 100 g

2) Corn (blanched) 100 g

3) Cheese 100 g

4) Green Chilli – 2

5) Onion chopped – 1

6) Coriander 2 tbsp

7) Salt 2 tbsp


1) First divide each papad into half. Now, dork the papad (very important).

2) Fold each and every semi-circle (of papad) into the shape of cones. Keep them aside.

3) Now, take paneer, corn (blanched), cheese, green chili, chopped onion, coriander and salt and mix them all together. This is for the filling.

4) Then, take the papad cones and fill them with the stuffing you prepared. Basically, stuff the samosas and seal.

5) Deep fry on medium flame. Papad cocktail samosas are ready!

Take a look at the video:

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Coming back to his papad cocktail samosas, next time whenever you crave a snack, do give it a try.