Twitter User Finds Just Six Chips Inside Packet, See Funniest Reactions Here


If we think of one snack that is our forever favourite, it has to be potato chips. The classic potato chip has found a permanent place in our hearts. Those moments of euphoria of popping open a bag of crispy, salty chips and relishing every crunchy bite – they are truly irreplaceable. However, how would you react when the bag of chips you opened had just a handful of chips inside it? A Twitter user recently discovered, to his utter dismay that his five-rupee packet of chips came with just six chips inside it. Take a look at the tweet he shared:

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The post was shared on Twitter by user @samsarcastix, where it received 16.6k likes and thousands of retweets and comments. “5 wale lays mei 6 chips hai,” he wrote sharing the picture of his chips packet. Funnily enough, the packet claimed to have 40% extra chips.

The hilarious picture was widely circulated on social media and it even caught the eye of PepsiCo customer care. They requested the user to connect with the company on email. Take a look:

Meanwhile, Twitter users shared quite a few funny responses to the chips packet. The fact that the user found six chips intact in the packet generated much surprise and amusement on the micro-blogging platform. Some said he should consider himself ‘blessed’ and not complain.

Take a look at the reactions here:

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What did you think of the bizarre chips packet with just six chips in it? Tell us in the comments.