Wait, What? Delhi Street Vendor Is Selling Chocolate Masala Sweet Corn And The Internet Is Confused


We are all familiar with India’s love affair with street food. It doesn’t matter which part of the country we may be in; in every nook and cranny, we can find vendors selling delicious street food. While we are all familiar with the national favourites – gol gappe, dahi vada and more – there are some street vendors who have decided to stand out from the crowd by adding a unique twist to these street-style delights. We came across a video on the internet where a street vendor gave his personal twist to corn on the cob, aka “Makke ka bhutta”. Rather than seasoning the corn with chaat masala and butter, the vendor took the bold step of drizzling chocolate on top the corn. Don’t believe us? Take a look:

In the video, the vendor generously spreads butter on the sweet corn. He then drizzles it with chocolate sauce. After that, he tops it up with cream and adds seasoning to the cob. Finally, he garnishes the corn with lemon juice and then slides the corn up and down on the plate so that the chocolate sauce and cream mix with the lemon juice and seasoning.

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Uploaded by @ankaitluthra, the video has garnered 1.4 million views and it has over 33k likes. This chocolate masala corn has the desi internet confused. To pair sweet ingredients with chocolate and cream with savoury ingredients like lemon juice and seasoning made no sense to the viewers!

We all love the classic corn, seasoned with chaat masala, salt, red chilli powder and lemon. That is why this odd take on corn has been hard to digest for us. While the desi internet has found this corn cob a bit weird, there are some who are interested in taking up the challenge to taste this dish.

Do you think this chocolate corn would taste good? Would you be daring enough to try this dish? Do tell us in the comments section.