Wait? What! Ice Cream Meets Barfi In This Unique Fusion Dessert; Internet Is Amazed


Culinary experiments by chefs and street vendors have created a buzz around fusion food. By combining two different dishes, we take the best elements of each to make a dish with all the beloved flavours! Fusion dishes represent the best of both worlds and that is why people have started to relish them even more so much so that fusion food has become an important part of our cuisine. Just thinking about dishes like tandoori momos, gulab jamun cheesecake and samosa chaat makes us salivate. We have found another exciting fusion dessert that takes inspiration from the desi barfi and the all-time favourite ice cream – it’s called ice cream barfi. This video of ice cream barfi on the internet has amazed millions of desi viewers with this unique and delicious dessert. Don’t believe us? Take a look:

In the video, we get a glimpse of how this fusion dessert is made. First, kilograms of white chocolate are broken into pieces. Then all the white chocolates are melted on a double boiler till it is completely smooth and without lumps. Next, tutti frutti is chopped and added to the boiling chocolate. The melted chocolate is placed off the heat and then poured into square containers to set and cool down. Once it has cooled down, it is cut into small squares like the barfi and sold in mithai shops.

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The video was uploaded by food blogger Amar Sirohi via his Instagram page @foodie_incarnate. It has over 15.9 million views and around 645 thousand likes. The internet was amazed by this dessert, some suggested that it should be named white chocolate barfi rather than ice cream barfi, others were simply mesmerised by how only two ingredients can make a delicious mithai.

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