Wait! What? Momos On Fire? This Video Of Fire Momos Has Us All Amazed


Food has become a creative space and now people have started to involve a level of thrill in it. From food challenges that make you compete eating as many gol gappas you can to artistic cakes that look so real that they may come to life, food innovation and experiments now no longer remain the business of Chefs. The street food vendors have taken up the challenge to make innovative and delicious food available to us at ease. We have found one such thrilling food innovation that has our minds blown. If you are a fan of momos, then this video that we have found on the internet will catch your interest. A street food vendor has managed to put a fiery twist on our beloved momos. Don’t believe us? Have a look for yourself:

In the video, we can see steamed street-style momos being pan-fried. The vendor seasons it with chopped vegetables and splashes it with a dash of liquid that manages to set the momos on fire! Yes, you heard it right! The momos are actually on fire. Once the momos ‘cool down’ he seasons it with various chilli sauces, giving the momo a red, hot and spicy gravy. Sounds amazing right? The video uploaded by Instagram food blogger @paidaishi_foodie has managed to garner over 1 million views and has over 67,533 likes! Now you must be wondering what is this dish called. It is none other than fire momos!

You can find these fire momos at a vendor Tenzi momos at Jaipuria Market in Noida. Fire momos sound intriguing, right? People on the internet have their own opinions about this fiery dish, some can’t wait to try fire momos while others are too scared to take the challenge. Would you be interested in taking up this firey challenge? Tell us in the comments section. We can’t wait to hear your views on fire momos!