Wait, What? Nagpur Eatery Sells ‘Black Idlis’; Leaves Internet Unhappy (Watch Viral Video)


When it comes to South Indian cuisine, it’s hard not to mention those soft, fluffy, and steaming idlis! Idli has long been a favourite comfort dish of ours. This dish is commonly available from street sellers and restaurants, and it can also be easily prepared at our homes. And the best part is that we have so many varieties in idlis that we can never get enough of it. Whether you like your idli dunked in sambhar or mixed with fiery flavours- there is always some recipe that tantalises our taste buds. But, in a recent turn of events, a ‘black idli’ has left many people unhappy.

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In a video shared by Instagram food blogger @eatographers, we can see black idli being prepared. The video starts with a street vendor pouring a black batter and steaming it to make idlis. Once it is fluffy, he takes them out and tops them with ghee, red chilli powder and chutney. As per the blogger, this idli is from an eatery in Nagpur. In the caption of the video, the blogger has also mentioned that this black idli is “detox idli” and “not for pregnant ladies.” Take a look at it here:

Ever since the video was uploaded, it has garnered 2.5 million views, 96.9k likes and hundreds of comments. Many people have shown their dismay against this unique idli.

One user wrote, “What was the problem in white idli that they had to make this?” Another user said, “This is not fair, someone mixes chocolate in maggi and someone is making black idlis. This needs to stop.” While many other users have also asked about what is being used in the idli to make it look black. Many users have said that it could either be “ragi idli” or “charcoal infused” idli.

What do you think about these black idlis?! Would you like to try them? Let us know in the comment section!