Wait? What?! This Giant-Sized Chocolate Leaves Internet Amazed


We have a certain obsession with making things bigger and better. Whether it would be something as simple as a vegetable like the ‘monster pumpkin‘ that broke the Guinness World Record, or something as delicious as street food like the 10-kilogram chicken roll. With culinary experimentation, we have managed to break the barriers of the impossible and mind-blowing dishes are being created every other day! We have found one such wonderful innovation on the internet. A Russian food blogger experimented with our favourite bite-sized chocolate and managed it make it even bigger than a bowling ball. Sounds interesting right? Uploaded by the Russian food blogger @kamillatasty, this video has the internet amazed! Take a look:

The video has over 15 million views and over 1.7 million likes. In the video, we see her make a giant-sized version of the classic Ferraro Rocher. She melts kilograms of chocolates and mashes many slabs of wafers to recreate the crunchy outer layer of this chocolate. Then she moves on to making the creamy fillings by using a big tub of Nutella and making a giant-sized version of hazelnut by mashing together many tiny hazelnuts. Once she assembles the huge Ferraro Rocher, she doesn’t stop there! She also recreates the Ferraro Rocher packaging by making it bigger and better.

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The final chocolate is so big that you can easily hug it with both hands! The internet is in awe of this giant-sized variation of the bite-sized chocolate! Some people are drooling over this sweet delight and wondering how to get their hands on it. Others are worried about the unhealthy side-effect of eating this giant-sized chocolate. What do you think? Would you be up for the challenge of eating this chocolate? Or would you give up after just a few bites? Do tell us in the comments section below!