Watch: 6 Delicious Sandwich Recipes To Sort Out Breakfast For The Week


Whether you are a morning person or not, a crunchy and delicious sandwich in breakfast can easily light up your mood! These breakfast staples are loved by kids and adults, alike. They are not just quick and easy to make but also the process of making sandwiches is quite fun. The best part is that you can munch on these for lunch and dinner too. However, our fondness for sandwiches is met with our inability to find new and unique sandwich recipes and hence we are stuck repeating the same old ones day in and out. But not anymore! Our love for these quick and easy breakfast dish has led us to a unique find – one that you would love to get your hands on!

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What if we told you that we have not one, not two but six sandwich recipes you can try for every working day of the week? Yes, that’s right! You have your breakfast menu all sorted from Monday to Saturday! These recipes are all so effortless that you will dish out these breakfast favourites in no more than 15-20 minutes every morning!

We came across this sandwich recipes video on YouTube channel ‘Cook With Parul’ by Parul Gupta. The video explains how you can make 6 types of restaurant style breakfast sandwiches easily at home.

Here Are 6 Restaurant-Style Breakfast Sandwich Recipes To Try At Home

Watch The Full Recipe Video Here: