Watch: Boss Walks In On Worker Dancing – But There’s A Twist In The Tale


Watch: Boss Walks In On Worker Dancing - But There's A Twist In The Tale

A viral video appears to show a cafe worker dancing.

A video that is going viral online appears to show a cafe worker breaking into a dance while cleaning up, only to have her boss walk in on her – but there is more to it than meets the eye. The 48-second clip began to gain popularity last month after it was shared on Facebook, where it has racked up over a million views. It was posted on Twitter this morning. 

The video, filmed in South Korea, shows a woman mopping up the floor of a cafe as K-pop group ITZY’s ‘Loco’ plays in the background. A few seconds into the video, she drops the mop and breaks into an enthusiastic dance routine – unaware that the cafe owner has walked in and is watching her discreetly. 

The man watches the performance quietly from the back until the worker turns around and jumps in surprise on spotting him. He then proceeds to applaud the performance. 

The clip has been shared with different claims on social media – with some saying that it was the cafe owner who walked in on the performance and others identifying the man as a customer.

While many viewers gushed over the video and praised it as “cute” and “adorable”, others pointed out that it appeared staged. 

One Facebook commenter identified the dancing woman as a popular YouTuber who goes by the name “Krazy Girl” and has over 5.3 lakh subscribers on the platform. 

The video, in fact, appears to be a publicity stunt for a new YouTube series.

This is not the first time that a video has gone viral online with misleading claims. Last week, footage of a man flying a helicopter in Brazil had been widely circulated online with claims that he built the aircraft himself out of old car parts. Here is the truth behind the viral video.

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