Watch: Elephant Climbs Over Fence In Viral Video. Twitter Amazed


Watch: Elephant Climbs Over Fence In Viral Video. Twitter Amazed

An elephant managed to climb over a fence in Karnataka.

If humans thought they could stop elephants with fences, they were wrong. A video that is steadily going viral on social media shows an elephant trying to climb over an iron fence in Karnataka. The task might seem impossible in the beginning, but the elephant astounded viewers by climbing over the fence. Footage shows the animal planting its forelimbs on the other side of the fence before carefully clambering over it. 

The video was shared on Twitter by IAS officer Supriya Sahu, who captioned it, “Speechless.”

At the time of writing, the 27-second video had been viewed over 1.86 lakh times and was liked by over 15,500 people.

The incident occurred in Nagarahole near Mysuru, Karnataka. Mahesh Kumar, director of Nagarahole Tiger Reserve, told The Indian Express that the video was recorded in the Veeranahosally Range, and added that the incident took place on the morning of November 16 when the animal was returning to the forest after crop raiding.

Viewers were surprised to see an elephant cross a fence so easily. Some Twitter users commented that they had seen such videos earlier too.

One user wrote that they had seen the “gentle giants” climb over bamboo fences while they could have simply broken those and walked through.

One user even found it cute.

A few users cracked jokes after watching the video. One wrote, “Traffic violation 500 Rupees fine must be imposed on that elephant.”

But many viewers weren’t pleased with the elephant’s struggles and questioned the role of the fence at the site. People also questioned whether the fence was legal or not.

Meanwhile, TRB Rajaa, Member of the Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly, tagged Tamil Nadu’s Minister for Finance while sharing the video. 

“Looks like these sneaky jumbos continued to learn new tricks while we spent hours roasting poor Forest Department officers about inefficient elephant trenches and barricades to prevent man animal conflicts during  Public Accounts Committee meets,” he wrote.

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