Watch: How To Make Amla Ki Launji – A Sweet-N-Tangy Amla Pickle For Winters


By now, we all know the benefits of having amla. It is one healthy fruit that is loaded with several essential ingredients and can be considered a superfood. According to the book ‘Historical Dictionary of Indian Food’ by Food Historian KT Achaya, amla (or gooseberry) is one of the richest sources of vitamin C and has been recommended by “Sushruta” for everyday consumption, across “body type and season. Experts suggest this desi superfood can fight off cough, ulcer, and constipation, manage diabetes, cholesterol and more. Consultant nutritionist Rupali Datta further explains that the vitamin C (in amla) is a natural antioxidant that can help prevent free radical damages in the body. “It also helps slow down aging process and is needed for collagen production. These help keep skin and hair healthy.”

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Besides being healthy, the bitter-tangy taste of amla makes it quite a popular mouth freshener for all. We love having it as is with some black salt or make yummy murabba with it. Some people also prepare achar with amla. Now, if you ask us, we have come across different types of amle ka achar – each made with unique spices and flavours. One such popular achar recipe is amla ki launji. It is a liquidy sweey and tangy amla chutney that tastes amazing when paired with roti or paratha.

Considering its popularity, we found this amla ki launji recipe shared by food vlogger Parul on her YouTube channel ‘Cook With Parul’. Let’s take a look at the recipe.

How To Make Amla Ki Launji | Amla Ki Launji Recipe:

Deseed amla and cut them in pieces.

Boil and mash them. Keep aside.

Heat mustard oil in kadhai and add methi, hingi, roasted coriander, kaloji and saunf.

On low flame, stir for a while.

Add the mashed amla and cook.

Add gud and cook until it dissolves.

Add haldi powder, Kashmiri red chilli powder, black pepper, coriander powder, salt, black salt and garam masala.

Cook for a while until you get the desired consistency.

And amla ki launji is ready in just no time. The best part is, you can store this amla ki launji for up to 4 months.

Watch The Complete Recipe Video Of Amla Ki Launji Here: