Watch: Indian-American Neurosurgeon Teaches Daughters How To Make Chai, Leaves Twitter Enraged; Here’s Why


As Indians, we do not take our tea lightly, and if you want to be accepted by us, neither should you! We are a nation that thrives on our daily cup of kadak chai. Be it the routine morning tea or a ‘cutting’ at the next corner shop, we cannot imagine going a day without gulping down on tea. And we usually rejoice when people from other cultures and countries embrace our favourite beverage and try making it on their own, it’s all fun and games, unless – you don’t make it right. Recently, Dr. Sanjay Gupta, a famous Indian-origin American Neurosurgeon, a prominent TV personality who is also the chief medical correspondent of CNN, was teaching his daughters how to make tea. The recipe was sort of a family legacy passed on to generations, and it was all going great, until, it wasn’t!

While the video started off on a nostalgic note with Dr. Sanjay explaining that the cups he is using are from his mother, the internet lost it when he was seen using tea bags instead of loose tea. But, what triggered everyone the most was the final product, as one of Dr. Sanjay’s daughters poured the tea in the teapot – it looked much pale and not at all like the kind of tea that we find in our Indian homes. Posted by the official Twitter account of CNN, here is the 3:31 minutes long video; take a look:

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The final product did not sit very well with tea lovers on Twitter and many were left visibly unhappy after seeing the video. Indians all over the world poked fun at him for westernising the desi staple. Many pointed out that this wasn’t tea at all:

And many others were disturbed by how pale and flavorless the drink looked:

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Amongst the many unhappy comments, some also pointed out that it was actually sweet of Dr. Sanjay to share a part of his family legacy with his daughters:

What are your thoughts on the video? Do you think this tea could have been made in a better way? Let us know in the comments below.