Watch: To Entertain Passengers On Delayed Flight, A Crew Member Did This…


A Southwest Airlines crew member brightened up passengers recently by singing a song after their connecting flight from Baltimore, US, got delayed. The crew got delayed because they were arriving on another flight which was late, and there was baggage to be loaded. To make up for the trouble they caused to passengers, one of the crew members decided to spread a little cheer in the form of a song right before take-off. The crew member reimagined the lyrics of the Nat King Cole classic, L-O-V-E. The performance was captured on video and posted on the YouTube channel ViralHog.

“On my connecting Southwest flight out of Baltimore, we were delayed because the crew was coming in on a late flight and there was last-minute baggage to be loaded,” said Samantha Searls, who recorded the footage. “Once we boarded the plane, we had to wait a while on the tarmac. So, one of the flight attendants decided to sing us a song right before it was finally time to give the safety briefing and take off.”

The crew member’s gesture earned a few laughs from the travellers. The video shows the crew member singing into the PA system and even promoting his employer — Southwest Airlines — during the rendition of L.O.V.E.

Footage of the incident, which occurred on October 23, has been viewed over 8,500 times on YouTube.

Many people commented on the post to appreciate the gesture of the crew to entertain the passengers while they waited on the tarmac for take-off.

“Awe what a sweetheart,” said Teresa Rodgers.

“This made my day, why isn’t it viral,” said a person with the username “Real Demonic Possession”.

“Adorable,” said Karen Reaves.

This isn’t the first time a Southwest flight attendant sang for the passengers. Two years ago, another crew member sang her way through the safety speech. The flight attendant reminded passengers to fasten their seatbelts. Her rendition was applauded by the passengers.

We’re sure such thoughtful and sweet gestures of the crew members do leave passengers impressed.

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