Watch: Vadodara’s Patti Samosa Is Made With Roomali Roti; We Want To Try It Now


Indian cuisine is as extensive as its culture and there’s no denying to it. Street food plays a major role in defining the variety Indian food culture offers. If you explore, you will find each state offering unique street foods – each of which are delicious, leaving a strong impression on your mind and palate. Kolkata’s kathi roll, Mumbai’s vada pav, Punjab’s chole kulche and Delhi’s momos are some of the most popular street foods that help define the food habit of the states. However, there are some food options that are yet to be explored. One such popular instance is Vadodara’s patti samosa. Much like the regular samosa, it also has a spicy potato-onion filling. But what bring the difference are the size and the outer layer of the samosa. Patti samosa is basically small-sized, crispy samosas with very thin outer layering. And, in Vadodara, it is made with roomali roti. Yes, you heard that right!

Food vlogger Amar Sirohi recently took to his YouTube channel ‘Foodie Incarnate’ to share a glimpse of how the popular patti samosa of Vadodara is made. The video starts with Amar speaking about the popularity of patti samosa. He then takes his viewers to one of the most popular patti samosa shops, where more than ten thousand pieces are sold in just one day. That’s not all. He went on to share glimpses of how this popular street food is made.

In an almost 3:30-minute video, we can see the halwais are mashing boiled aloo with onion, coriander leaves and other spices. They then cut the roomali rotis into medium-sized strips and stuffing aloo inside, just like a regular samosa. Then these samosas are deep fried and sold hot with fried chillies by the side (without any chutney). Already slurping?

Here we have the complete video for you to enjoy:

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The video has garnered more than 1.19 million views, 6.3k likes and hundreds of comments on YouTube. Some called it “delicious”, some mentioned about other popular samosa shops in Vadodara.

What are your thoughts on the delicious patti samosas of Vadodara? Let us know in the comments below.

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