Watch Video: Try Making A Juicy And Tantalizing Keema Dish For The Next Festive Party


Often when we look for diner or lunch recipes for a party, we expect them to be overly elaborate, time consuming and considerably difficult. Nothing that an amateur home chef like us could make, right? With the Diwali party season on a full swing right now, the idea of inviting guest over immediately sends us to a panic mode, trying to plan the menu out. Given it is Diwali, no less than rich and robust is accepted, right? Well, if you are looking for an easy yet delicious chicken dish to add to your Diwali feast, here is a recipe we found that may help you save some time in the kitchen. A juicy and flavorful dish that can be prepared without sweating it out in the kitchen, here is an easy recipe for ‘Tawa Tadka Keema’.


Keema is the easiest to make

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Tawa tadka keema is an uncomplicated recipe; the tiny juicy granules of chicken are cooked in a simple way with minimum ingredients. The best part about keema dishes is that they are irresistibly meaty, utterly delicious and juicy and are the easiest to make. Keema can actually spruce up even the most mundane dishes and cab be paired with buttered parathas and tandoori rotis. The tawa tadka keema recipe is the quick and easy time-saving rescue for the next party meal. Sounds interesting? Look at the recipe here.

How to Make Tawa Tadka Keema l Tawa Tadka Keema recipe:

In a pan heat some ghee, ginger-garlic, onions and tomatoes. Cook until the masala is well cooked, then add the common Indian masala’s like haldi, jeera, red chilli powder. Add minced chicken and cook for some time. Serve hot with fluffy white rice of buttered roti. For the detailed recipe, look at the video at the header section.

Try making this easy chicken for Diwali; let us know how it turns out in the comments below.