Weekend Special: 5 Delicious Indo-Chinese Veg Snacks


Indian shares a unanimous love of Chinese food! Whether you are in Kashmir or Kanyakumari, a hot plate of noodles can be found anywhere. Chinese food has become so popular that every other restaurant carries some or another Chinese dish on their menu! However, we Indians don’t relish traditional Chinese food. Our variation of Chinese is known as Desi-Chinese or Indo-Chinese. Dishes like chilli chicken, honey chilli potato, chop suey and more are unique to India! These dishes are full of tantalizing flavours that make for the perfect meal on the weekend. That is why; we have shortlisted some of our go-to vegetarian snacks from the Indo-Chinese cuisine that would make your weekends even more fun and delicious! So, what are you waiting for? Put on your aprons and try out these recipes!

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Here Are 5 Veg Indo-Chinese Snack Recipes | 5 Veg Chinese Snack Recipes:

1. Chilli Paneer

One of the most popular dishes in our cuisine, chilli paneer is indeed a classic in all ways! Filled with crispy paneer and veggies, the dish is bathed in delicious hot and spicy seasoning, making it taste scrumptious!

Click here for the full recipe of Chilli Paneer.


Spring rolls are crispy and delicious!

2. Veg Spring Roll

Crispy spring rolls stuffed with flavourful filling of cabbage, spring onions, shredded carrot, garlic and more, give a crunchy and delicious snack. Serve this snack with some chilli sauce or soya sauce, and this will be a mouth-watering party snack!

Click here for the full recipe of Veg Spring Roll.

3. Honey Chilli Potato

A piping hot plate of honey chilli potato is all you need to put a smile on anyone’s face. One of the most famous dishes in Indo-Chinese cuisine, this dish brings the spiciness of chillies and sweetness of honey to crispy and yummy potatoes.

Click here for the full recipe of Honey Chilli Potato.


Gobhi manchurian can also be served as a gravy.

4. Gobhi Manchurian

The tantalizing flavours of the Indo-Chinese can be best represented in the classic vegetarian snack Gobhi Manchurian. Cauliflower coated in a flavorful batter to give crispy and crunchy Manchurians soothes a foodie’s heart!

Click here for the full recipe of Gobhi Manchurian

5. Honey Chilli Paneer

Honey Chilli Paneer is a delicious variation of our favourite honey chilli potato. If you prefer paneer over aloo, then this is the perfect snack for you! This dish soothes the foodie heart with its sweet and spicy flavours.

Click here for the full recipe of Honey Chilli Paneer.

Try out these delicious snack recipes over the weekend and tell us which dish you liked the most in the comments section!