Weird Or Useful? Blogger Organises Fridge Like Library; Divides Instagram

Weird Or Useful? Blogger Organises Fridge Like Library; Divides Instagram


If there’s one category of videos that the internet loves, it has to be those based on organising. We often see a plethora of content that features clutter being cleaned, messed-up areas being sorted out and organised perfectly. These videos and photos rake in millions of views and likes all over social media. However, not every organising video is satisfying. A fashion blogger by the name of Nicole McLaughlin shared a video of her fridge’s contents organised like a library. The video has gone viral and has left Instagram users confused about whether this process of organising was actually useful or just weird and unnecessary. Take a look:

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The fridge library video was shared by Nicole McLaughlin on her official Instagram handle. It has gone viral and received over 3.6 million views on Reels, along with 188k likes. In the short clip, the fashion blogger opens her fridge to reveal stacks of folders with tiny labels. Some of the labels included Meat, Cheese, Leftovers, Fruit, and Sandwiches. She takes out the folder named Sandwiches and flips through it. Every page of the folder has a different ingredient featured on it with labels. For instance, to make a sandwich, the album contained a slice of bread, meat, cheese, slices of vegetables, and so on. There were many varieties of each ingredient to choose from.

The bizarre fridge library video garnered nearly 2.5k comments from users. “I need to see the drinks binder,” wrote one user in the comments while another said, “Omg mind-blowing!” The video was actually just intended to be a funny prank; however, people also wrote things along the lines of, “I’m afraid to see the rest of the house.” Some were impressed with the blogger’s skills, saying, “Organization on a different level,” and “What a system!”

Would you ever organise your fridge in a similar way? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

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