With Cakes And Cookies, Masaba Gupta’s Birthday Is A Sweet Tooth’s Delight


Who doesn’t love to be treated to delicious and pretty cakes on their birthday? Well, we all have a soft corner for birthday cakes. Fashion designer Masaba Gupta isn’t any different from all of us. It’s her birthday today. Guess what? It became extra special, thanks to some mouth-watering sweetmeat that she has received from her friend Pooja Dhingra. In Masaba’s Instagram Stories, we see two irresistible birthday cakes. One is a chocolate cake with dark glazing. It is decorated with chocolate bars, pink macaroons and a cake topper. The other sweet delight is a strawberry cake with slices of strawberries on top. Masaba thanked her friend by calling her, “My angel.”


Masaba Gupta’s Birthday cakes

Pooja Dhingra told us more about this special gift to Masaba Gupta. She wrote in Instagram Stories, “For nearly a decade now, the first strawberry cake of the season is for Masu’s birthday.”

Masaba’s birthday treats did not end here. She received a pack of crunchy and delectable cookies from another friend, Samyukta Nair. She showed us a photo of the pack too. The cookies are baked perfectly and we are already craving the nuts and jam in them. The pack also had a cute birthday note for the designer. The birthday girl thanked her friend by calling her a “cookie angel.”


Masaba Gupta was also treated to cookies on her birthday

Masaba Gupta is a foodie at heart and she lets the world know about it. Masaba is also a workaholic and loves to tailor her fashion brand to perfection. But that never stops her from indulging in a bowl of good food. Masaba gave us proof when she was seen gorging on a bowl of pasta during a shoot. She wrote, “Very busy with my pasta and my brand new House Of Masaba at I’m shooting today.”

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Whether at work or on a vacation, indulgence is what Masaba Gupta lives for. She recently found a foodie’s paradise in Rajasthan. If we slide through one of her Instagram albums, our eyes will fall on a Rajasthani thali. The platter can make our tummies growl with hunger. There we see a mound of herbed rice served with eight types of dal and curries. Onion salad is also served as is customary with this cuisine.

We wish Masaba Gupta a delicious and scrumptious birthday celebration.